Literally from the ends of the Earth…

The following video is of a tribe in Papua New Guinea reciting the Shema in Hebrew. Notice that near the end of the video, the man in the lower right corner has a necklace with “Leviticus 23” painted on it. I find it both telling and fascinating that you would never see a church in modern America doing this, and you certainly would never see a pastor bannering Leviticus 23 in any manner (which just so happens to be the Feast day chapter). What do they know that the majority of Christians don’t?

Also worth noting is that these people never get dressed up like this, unless it’s for a very special occasion. This would suggest that this is possibly during one of Yahweh’s Feast days. Again, not something you’d ever see an American church celebrating. Something to think about…

This video gives me chills…. the Father is truly calling His people home! Come quickly, Yeshua!


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