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Let the Christmas Trees Rejoice!

What does Scripture say happens to the pine trees at the end of time when Yeshua returns to rule the world for 1,000 years? The answer might surprise you!


The Unanswerable Questions Video

Now in convenient video format, here are the unanswerable questions from 119 Ministries. Really good stuff here, folks. I haven’t had anyone even attempt to answer these for me so far.

The Three Things the Law Does

Another excellent teaching from 119 Ministries that explains God’s purpose and intent in giving us His Law, and why that’s a GOOD thing, not a negative thing. Further proof that the Scriptures support obedience to God’s Torah, and that the New Testament does not contradict or negate the Old Testament.

You Got Ripped Off! – Greg Hershberg

This is one of the most powerful sermons I have ever heard. If you don’t want to be challenged, stay far away from this guy. He doesn’t hold back and tells the truth exactly like it is with no whitewashing. He kind of reminds me of Bruce Willis in Die Hard, actually. Keep preaching the Word, brother.

Dancing with the Scriptures, Part 3: The Church ChaCha

by Clint Branham –

Here is yet another passage that is “passed over” from Stephen:
Act_7:37-38  This is that Moses, which said unto the children of Israel, A prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me; him shall ye hear.  (38)  This is he, that was in the church in the wilderness with the angel which spake to him in the mount Sina, and with our fathers: who received the lively oracles to give unto us: I thought the Church started on the day of Pentecost?

Interestingly this word translated “church” G1577 ἐκκλησία – ekklēsia appears in the Septuagint over 70 times:
Total LXX Occurrences: 77
εκκλησια (43)
Jdg_20:2, Jdg_21:5, 1Sa_17:47, 1Kg_8:14, 1Kg_8:65, 1Ch_13:2, 1Ch_13:4, 1Ch_29:1, 1Ch_29:20 (2), 2Ch_1:3, 2Ch_1:5, 2Ch_6:3, 2Ch_7:8, 2Ch_10:3, 2Ch_20:5, 2Ch_20:14, 2Ch_23:3, 2Ch_29:28, 2Ch_29:31-32 (2), 2Ch_30:2, 2Ch_30:13, 2Ch_30:23-25 (4), Ezr_2:64, Ezr_10:1, Ezr_10:12, Ezr_10:14, Neh_5:13, Neh_7:66, Neh_8:17, Neh_13:1, Job_30:28, Psa_22:25, Psa_35:18, Psa_40:9, Psa_89:5, Psa_107:32, Psa_149:1, Mic_2:5
εκκλησιαις (2)
Psa_26:12, Psa_68:26
εκκλησιαν (13)
Deu_23:1-3 (4), Deu_23:8, Jdg_21:8, 1Sa_19:20, 1Kg_8:55, 2Ch_6:3, Neh_5:7, Psa_26:5, Lam_1:10, Joe_2:16
εκκλησιας (19)
Deu_4:10, Deu_9:10, Deu_18:16, Deu_31:30, Jos_8:35, 1Kg_8:22, 1Ch_28:2, 1Ch_28:8, 1Ch_29:10, 2Ch_6:12-13 (2), 2Ch_28:14, 2Ch_29:23, 2Ch_30:4, 2Ch_30:17, Ezr_10:8, Neh_8:2, Psa_22:22, Pro_5:14

The Septuagint or LXX is the Koine Greek version of the Hebrew Bible, translated in stages between the 3rd and 1st centuries BCE in Alexandria. It was begun by the third century BCE and completed before 132 BCE.  The use of ἐκκλησία – ekklēsia in the New Testament would certainly have had a meaning that aligned with the LXX.
These passages are using ἐκκλησία – ekklēsia  in reference to:
·    The assembly of the LORD
·    The congregation of the LORD
·    The congregation of Israel
·    The assembly of the people of God
·    The assembly
·    This assembly
·    All Israel with him, a great congregation
·    All Israel the congregation of the LORD
·    And all Israel with him, a very great congregation
·    All Israel
·    The congregation of Judah and Jerusalem
·    A very great congregation
·    The congregation of Judah
·    A great assembly
·    The congregation of God
·    The congregation of the saints.

These passages give us a very clear 1st century definition of “the church.”  It is, and has always been, and will always be Israel!  This fits perfectly with Jesus’ own words:
Mat_15:24 He answered, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.”


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