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Law and Grace for Dummies

This is the clearest, simplest video I’ve ever seen that describes what the Bible says about God’s grace and God’s Law/Torah. If you can’t follow this simple logical train of thought and agree with it, then you shouldn’t be debating either grace or law with anyone.


Sacrifices in the Backyard?

Many times when a Christian tells a fellow believer “I believe the whole Word of God is valid for today, and no commandments have been abolished”, the immediate response is “Well why aren’t you sacrificing animals in your backyard, huh?”. This short video deals with that fallacious argument, and demonstrates from Scripture why such arguments are invalid and are merely attempts to get out of the responsibility to obey God’s commandments.

Announcing Our New Forum!

All grace and Torah lovers, our new forum, Joyfully Growing in Grace and Torah is live and ready for your interaction! We’ve got a good head start already, so get online and get to fellowshipping in a troll-free zone. 🙂

Check us out at, and may the Father bless you as you seek His Truth.

What About Headcoverings?

What do the Scriptures really say about headcoverings? Does Paul have the authority to invent new commandments? Or was he writing a letter to specific people to deal with a specific problem? Watch the latest from 119 Ministries to find out the answer to this very misunderstood topic.

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