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The Holy Spirit or Just a Sock Puppet?

I found this quote today and thought it worth sharing.

If your “holy spirit”

a) tells you anything contrary to scripture
b) tells you it’s okay to indulge a sin this one time, it’s atoned for
c) tells you whatever you feel comfortable with is okay, your conscience is the guiding light
d) tells you that no one should judge you no matter what you do
e) tells you that it’s most important that you be happy
f) tells you to rest firmly on the teachings of men, even though you can’t find their equivalent in scripture

then there’s a really good chance you really don’t have the Holy Spirit, but rather have a “holy spirit” sock puppet, which is really your personal ego reaffirming itself.

taken from a commenter at

I think that just about says it all, doesn’t it?


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