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While I obviously don’t agree 100% with the author’s approach to “gentile” believers only being “invited” to obey God’s Torah, I do find the rest of the article to be spot on.

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Update: I’ve toned down the rhetoric in this post.

I was with John MacArthur until the end of this post.

Most of it is focused on the tendency of many “young and restless” Reformed Christians to wear their beer on their sleeve–or, at least, their liking for beer and other alcoholic beverages. Or their love for a good cigar. Or profanity. Or tattoos.

I’m a former drinker, smoker, and cusser. I’ve learned not to get all legalistic over these issues, but I still struggle with Christians who are not just OK with these practices, but offer sympathy to you if you’re not.

I drank heavily for about 11 years, smoked heavily for about 17 years. I don’t like to be around people who drink now, or people who smoke. It’s not that I’m better than them. I just don’t care to see people get drunk or smell their…

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