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Poll: 45% Would Rather Skip Christmas

According to CNBC, a recent poll found that 45% of Americans would rather ignore Christmas altogether this year, citing “financial pressure”. Now I don’t know about you, but last I checked, Christmas was supposed to be about JESUS, not buying overpriced junk for people you don’t really even like that much. Anyone ever wonder why so many people who couldn’t care less about the Messiah celebrate His birth (supposedly)? This is yet another piece of evidence supporting the growing idea that Christians should have nothing to do with Christmas, and that’s not even going into its clearly pagan origins and practices. If Christmas is really about Jesus, then why do we have to fight so hard to convince ourselves of that every year?

The fact is, folks, that Jesus never had anything to do with Christmas, and neither should we. When you even have atheists “celebrating His birth”, something is terribly wrong. Even if Christmas had nothing to do with paganism at all, the fact that the unsaved world runs around celebrating it is proof that Jesus is nowhere to be found in it. We need to be celebrating the holidays that HE ordained and stop pretending that X-mass is honoring to God. The world runs far, far away from His holy days, which is a sure sign that we need to be running toward them.

Jesus isn’t going to be instituting Christmas when He’s ruling the Earth for a thousand years, I can promise you that. For more information on the historically pagan origins of Christmas, see HERE.

You can find the referenced CNBC article HERE.


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