Joyfully Growing in Torah was born out of a desire to combat the untruths, misinformation, propaganda, and outright lies of those who would attempt to scare Christians away from obedience to ALL of God’s commandments, particularly those found in the first five books of Moses, aka the Torah. We believe in equipping and encouraging the believer with the Word of God and with logic so they might come to intellectually honest conclusions about Scripture. If you are sick and tired of being demonized and accused of being “fallen from grace”, a “Judaizer”, “cult member”, “Satan worshipper”, et al because you believe in the ENTIRE counsel of God as still true and relevant for your life today, or if you just need Biblical and intellectual ammunition, then this site is for you.


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  • Chelsey

    I was called a cult member and told I have fallen from grace by my own “Christian” mother because I believe that Y’shua is my Messiah and I am trying to obey YHVH by following his Torah because I love and trust him with my life. She refered me to the website “Joyfully Growing in Grace” which from what I read appears to be just a Torah attack site that does not understand what grace is. Thank you for your countering it with this site! YHVH is Love and his Torah is Love, not hate, which is what too many seem to be teaching these days. Keep up the good work! Shalom!

    • joyfullygrowingintorah

      Chelsey, thank you for your encouraging post. It means a lot to hear testimonies like yours. ๐Ÿ™‚ So many folks are “getting it” about the Torah in these last days. I believe we are seeing prophecy unfold before our eyes.

      Yes, Joyfully Growing in Grace is what inspired me to make this site. I got tired of watching her antics and seeing her broad mischaracterizations of Torah folks go unchallenged.

      Shalom and God bless!

      • Mishkan David

        I thought that was the formula you were following! That’s why I came by to check out your material. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Chag sameach, chaver!

    • Mishkan David

      You are absolutely right about JGIG, Chelsey. It is an anti-Torah site by a homeschool mom who felt disenfranchised when many in her homeschool group started engaging in Hebrew Roots and Messianic Judaism studies.

      She doesn’t really seem to understand either Grace or Torah. I pray she will discover both.

      • Texas Jon

        Amen, Mishkan David. I’ve known her for years through a couple of forums, and concur with what you’ve stated.

        Yahshua Messiah was not only YHWH come in the flesh to save, but he was also a simple Jewish rabbi, who AS the fullness of Elohim, wants us NOW to return to his Way, as the Apostle Paul did:

        Acts 24:14 But this I confess unto thee, that after the way which they call heresy, so worship I the God of my fathers, BELIEVING ALL THINGS WHICH ARE WRITTEN IN THE LAW AND IN THE PROPHETS

  • Carol

    I read one of the articles where they referenced JGIG and it reminded me of a site I went to where they claim they weren’t against the laws and that they only want to defend the Gospel. The owner of that site was very combative towards Torah followers. I got the sense that really hated Torah observant people. Well then I decided to google them and found it was the SAME site!!! I would have responded to some of those threads but then I realized that the owner is not interested in the truth. They’ve gotten some really good, solid answers in the responses but the owner was simply not interested and would not listen. And your post on Bible Idolatry from The Ecclesiastes Project – that blog is excellent! They’re on my blogroll!

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