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Noah: Could He Eat All Things?

Clearly the Word of God stands forever.  It is the same yesterday, today, and forever. But then we read in English translations of Genesis chapter 9 verse 3 that something odd appears to be happening regarding the definition and permissions of food.  Because some like to use this verse to suggest that the Word of God can change, we need to fully examine this verse and discover the truth.  We need to test everything.


Sacrifices in the Backyard?

Many times when a Christian tells a fellow believer “I believe the whole Word of God is valid for today, and no commandments have been abolished”, the immediate response is “Well why aren’t you sacrificing animals in your backyard, huh?”. This short video deals with that fallacious argument, and demonstrates from Scripture why such arguments are invalid and are merely attempts to get out of the responsibility to obey God’s commandments.

What About Headcoverings?

What do the Scriptures really say about headcoverings? Does Paul have the authority to invent new commandments? Or was he writing a letter to specific people to deal with a specific problem? Watch the latest from 119 Ministries to find out the answer to this very misunderstood topic.

The Amos 3:7 Challenge

Another excellent short teaching from 119 Ministries. Today we issue the challenge of Amos 3:7 to those who insist that parts of God’s Law that they didn’t like were abolished. If you can’t find a prophecy for it, God didn’t do it.

The Pauline Paradox Part 2: The Paul You Never Knew

Fresh from 119 Ministries, here is the long awaited part two of their series on Paul, the Pauline Paradox. This series takes a closer look at Paul, and sets out to reconcile Paul’s seemly being against God’s Torah with his very pro-Torah statements. Highly recommended!

Let the Christmas Trees Rejoice!

What does Scripture say happens to the pine trees at the end of time when Yeshua returns to rule the world for 1,000 years? The answer might surprise you!

The Unanswerable Questions Video

Now in convenient video format, here are the unanswerable questions from 119 Ministries. Really good stuff here, folks. I haven’t had anyone even attempt to answer these for me so far.

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